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Contour Parquet is dedicated to preserving the beautiful floors of yesteryear.  Contact us for the restoration, care and regular maintenance of your antique floors.

Antique Floor Care and Restoration
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Complete Floor Assembly

Complete Floor Assembly and Installation
What makes us unique is our ability to completely preassemble, finish and disassemble complete rooms of parquet flooring. Every component needed for your floor is fabricated offsite. Our layout service is available for all Contour Parquet flooring in order to ease and speed the installation, as well as reduce wasted time and materials. With our preassembly service, panels and planks are sized to fit into individual rooms and include the necessary features required to produce a finished floor, such as thresholds, nosings, fireplace frames, planks and custom borders. We produce your rooms in our facilities, and using our experience, create the most aesthetic layout of the panel design selected. Your floor arrives on-site as a room kit with all pieces numbered, a floor plan and a room template, ready for installation. Since your floor is precut and finished in our controlled environment, the amount of time necessary for on-site completion can be reduced by ninety percent over conventional methods. Upon installation, our panels and planks create a floor that is a modern antique.

Antique Floor Restoration and Care

  • Never use water on your antique floor!
  • Do get your floor professionally waxed 1-2 times per year.